Indiana University

Faculty and Staff Contact Information

Directory of IUSM-FW Faculty & Staff  
2101 East Coliseum Blvd.
Fort Wayne, IN 46805
General number: 260-481-6730
Gina Bailey Assistant Director of Program Development
 260-481-6731 MEC 111B
David Bell, PhD
Course Director of Physiology / Co-Course Director of Pharmacology
260-481-6988 MEC 210
Paul Blusys, MD Course Director of Introduction to Clinical Medicine I 260-481-6729 MEC 130
Jennifer Boen Director of Anna Yoder MS Fund 260-481-0577 MEC 130
Fen-Lei Chang, MD, PhD Associate Dean and Director 
260-481-6731 MEC111D
Eric Curfman Research Assistant 560-481-0576 MEC 239
Leslie Hoffman, PhD Assistant Professor of Anatomy 260-481-0510

MEC 202
Roger Hoversland, PhD Course Director of Histology and Embryology & Systemic Pathology 260-481-6737

MEC 240
Donald Koritnik, PhD Emeritus Professor  
Ping-Chang Kuo, PhD Post Doctoral Fellow 260-481-0451 MEC 211
Angelika Martin, PhD Post Doctoral Fellow 260-481-0572 MEC 238
Glenn Merkel, PhD Course Director of Microbiology and Immunology & General Pathology 260-481-6735 MEC 204
Haley Moon Research Technician 260-481-0544 MEC 210
Kent Redman, PhD Course Director of Biochemistry 260-481-6701 MEC 206
Sharon Roberts Clinical Clerkship Coordinator 260-481-0224 MEC 111
Barbara Scofield Research Assistant 260-481-0451

MEC 211

Rebecca Sellars  Assistant Director of Program Development
260-481-6733 MEC 111A
Lowene Stipp Clinical Secretary 260-481-6729
MEC 124
Joanne Summers Adminstrative Assistant 260-481-6730 MEC 111
Robert Sweazey, PhD
Course Director of Neurosciences & Biological Statitics/ Co-Course Director of Pharmacology
260-481-6739 MEC 111B/ MEC 246
Silvija Topalov Research Technician 260-481-0576
MEC 246
Joel Vilensky, PhD Course Director of Gross Anatomy 260-481-6738 MEC 202
Greg Wemhoff, PhD Research Technician 260-481-0576 MEC 246
Jimmy Yen, PhD Assistant Professor of Microbiology & Immunology 260-481-0452 MEC 208
Ivorine Yu, PhD Post-doctoral Fellow 260-481-0572 MEC 244