MAHE - IUSM-FW Summer Research Program

This program will be in its 25th annual cycle during the summer 2012 and is designed to attract students to various fields of clinical research.  Students also gain valuable experience assessing the validity of current clinical practice standards.  Research methods and data analysis strategies are emphasized.


Target audience:  First- and second-year medical students are eligible to apply to the program. A limited number of upper division undergraduate students desiring a career in the medical field as well as graduate students may apply, however, positions for these students are dependent on the availability of funding and mentors.  Additionally, positions are reserved for first- or second-year law students and advanced degree nursing students, pharmacy students, and students currently enrolled in a physician assistant (PA) program.


Program components:  Student applicants will complete the application form.  Specific sponsors or preceptors will be identified for qualified students as funding becomes available.  Attempts will be made to place a research student in an area of personal interest.  Review criteria for selection include strong student academic records, personal achievement and integrity, research skills and experience, and/or recommendations from scholastic advisors.  Sponsors/preceptors will be encouraged to participate in the recruitment of students and to provide students with guidance and workspace during the summer.  Students are expected to consider the program as their full-time summer employment.  Structured academic training programs and clinical observation beyond the specific project (provided by the mentors(s) will also be encouraged.


Stipend:  Each student will receive a taxable stipend over the nine-week program.


Progress milestones:  Each student will attend a series of meetings at three-week intervals.  The purpose of these programs is to provide research fellows with additional information on the preparation of abstracts, manuscripts, and data analysis.  The meetings serve as a forum to present preliminary data and to become acquainted with other students and mentors.  Each student will deliver a brief verbal report at each of the latter two meetings.


At the conclusion of the summer program, students must prepare a project abstract, display poster, and a research manuscript evaluated by his/her preceptor in order to receive final stipend payment.  The manuscript should be appropriate for submission by preceptor to a peer-reviewed journal.   If performance evaluation at the conclusion of the program is desired, a written evaluation by each preceptor can be prepared.  These evaluation summaries can be forwarded (if a student requests them) to their respective campus academic advisors.


For additional information about the Summer Research Program, please contact Gina Bailey at (260)481-6731 or

Students interested in particpating in the program should complete the Summer Research Program Application and Sign the Program Guidelines.  Links to these documents are provided below.  All documents should be electronically submitted to Gina Bailey by March 1, 2012.

2012 Summer Research Program Application

2012 Program Guidelines

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